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Our Ottawa Injury Lawyer and Accidents Blog reports on Ottawa accidents, safety information, personal injury law, insurance claims and local Ottawa events. If you have a topic you would like more information on, please contact our injury lawyer Ottawa team and we would be happy to help. Below you will find recent articles that relate to personal injury law in Ontario , insurance news or what’s going on with our injury lawyer Ottawa team. We are a group of Ottawa personal injury lawyers that are actively involved in the Ottawa community. Many of us were born and raised in Ottawa and are raising our own families here.

Distracted driving-new laws coming.

Distracted Driving These days, it seems very foreign to see someone talking on a cell phone while driving.  Since 2009, Ontario drivers have been banned from using hand-held devices that create distracted driving behind the wheel.  Since then, the use of cell phones and other personal electronics has risen and driver distraction has increased with the introduction of smart watches, […]

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Catastrophic Injury Impairment

Changes to Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule and Catastrophic Injury Automobile insurance is constantly changing . It seems that the government continues to strip away at some of the most vital services required for injured people, especially those who are severely injured and need it most, those with a catastrophic injury. The new definition will apply […]

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Occupational injuries and LTD.

LONG TERM DISABILITY AND WSIB Many employers provide group benefits packages to their employees, including long-term disability (LTD) benefits. In addition, some employers also have an additional LTD policy to cover workplace injuries and illnesses caused at/by the workplace, called an occupational long-term disability policy. Some Ontario industries (eg. construction) are required by law to […]

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WSIB claims and cancer ?

WSIB claims Extension of presumption for entitlement for cancers in firefighters. What do WSIB claims and cancer have in common ? Ontario has made it easier for firefighters to get the help and care they need by extending the presumption for entitlement to benefits to cervical, ovarian and penile cancers. “Firefighters are vital to keeping […]

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What is the Strengthening Motor Vehicle Safety for Canadians Act ?

Strengthening Motor Vehicle Safety for Canadians Act The Ministry of Transportation has been given new safety powers to protect Canadians from vehicle defects. Early this month, the Strengthening Motor Vehicle Safety for Canadians Act was enacted to provide the Federal Transport Minister the power to order car companies to recall a vehicle to correct a […]

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